Water for Africa

Let’s all run to the bank.

If Nick can’t run and you can’t give, these people can’t survive.

It’s hard to go to school when you spend eight hours a day walking to get water. It’s hard to take care of your kids. Or put food on the table. It’s a harsh reality, however, for tens of thousands of people across Africa.

7 minutes from the source.

World Vision is putting pipes in the ground, connecting villages to water sources, and shortening the dangerous daily distance from an eight-hour round trip to 15 minutes. That not only saves lives, it gives people more time to live their lives.

$50 provides clean water for life.

Give $50, and one person will get clean water for the rest of his or her life. It’s that simple. You don’t have to run, swim, bike or do anything as challenging as an Ironman, but the more you pledge, the more life you’ll give.

Give, and don’t give up.

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