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Amazing Grace

Praises to the most high

It’s Saturday morning. I’m in my hotel room staring at my bike and my gear bags and starting to feel a little numb. Ironman is finally here. I can’t believe it. I’m reflecting so much on my trip to Uganda last fall, where God truly inspired me to take this event on.

One of my favorite memories was how our team started each day with the local World Vision staff. We sang and we prayed. Seeing World Vision in action was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. Being invited in to worship with them was an honor.

What struck me about the experience was how much I learned from those brothers and sisters in what true worship looks like. I’ve sung many songs halfheartedly on Sunday mornings and thought it was good enough. I was witness to a whole new level of worship in Uganda! Our Uganda friends were so soft spoken and deliberate most of the time in general conversation, but when we sang – WOW! I learned what it meant to TRULY lift our voices in praise. They were so powerful in their song. It brought me tears every morning and it was the favorite part of my day.

You have all sung ‘Amazing Grace’ before. So have I. But I’ll never listen to it or sing it the same after Uganda. Check it out for yourself with the recording linked above. This was recorded the first morning we were in Uganda. It gives me chills every time. Praise God! Thank you again for all your support. If you haven’t made a donation yet and would like to please do so here:



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